Monday, March 4, 2013

A Very Nice Discussion About Sabah Issue

Once Upon A Time, When I Requested for NBI Clearance

I went to NBI office to secure clearance for my employment. It was lunch break. As I was approaching the area, few people were going out. Until I found myself the only one transacting. The frontdesk gave me a copy of request form. I sat down and filled out the form. As soon as I finished filling out the form, I handed over the form to the frontdesk. The personnel checked the form and made some corrections. She gave it back to me and I asked to whom I should submit the form. She told me to try to submit it to the cashier if it would be accepted as it was already lunch break.

When I tried to call the attention of the cashier to pay for my request, she immediately replied that it's lunch break and they would entertain transaction at 1PM. Knowing that a government office should entertainment transacting public even during lunch break, I asked her why they were not practicing "NO NOON BREAK" policy when they are a government agency. All she said was the system didn't work because the central office was off, as it was lunch break. (Really? I'm a graduate of IT. The computer system is being designed by people only; it's still the person who tells what it would do. Since the goverment entertains transacting public even during lunch break in manual processing, why not in computerized system?) She continued explaining the hours that they do stop operations and make reports, etc. I also did not stop asking and explaining that in our office (I'm working in a government office though I'm a private employee), we do practice "NO NOON BREAK" policy. I even told her that every office including ours (Registry of Deeds) in the capitol (of Province of Palawan) has "NO NOON BREAK" posted on the door. She then asked me about my work background, etc. I would also tell her that it's alright, I was just asking. Besides, when I asked frontdesk officer, she advised me to try to approach the cashier. I just followed. (They seemed blaming and finger-pointing to each other). Until I was advised to wait and she would call their boss. I sat down and waited few minutes. Later, I noticed an NBI officer was coming, I pretended as if I didn't see him. Until he approached me and asked some questions such as my work background, in what office I was working, why I was working in a government but a private employee, etc. He then advised me to take the request to the cashier and pay the service fees. In fairness, he was calm, approachable, soft-spoken and customer-oriented but the cashier was not. See? What does it mean? That cashier was such a loser! Actually, when she was processing my payments she was murmuring a lot. Loser!

After paying the request, I proceeded for taking photos. I was advised to come back for a certain date to claim the request. It was only January 2013 that I was able to go back and claim my clearance.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Boy Nangungopya

(Teacher nahuli si Boy na nangungopya)

Teacher: Boy! Ganyan ka na ba talaga kabobo?!

Boy: Ma'am! Seeking help is not a sign of ignorance. It's an intellectual act that allows people to admit that some situations are not meant to handled alone.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ang Magtatay

Bata: Tay ano baya ang eskeleytor?

Tatay: Way dan agdanan sa mga building na adalagan patas pababa, na tindeg ka lamang mabot kaw sa madason na floor.

Bata: Tay ang elebeytor ano dato?

Tatay: Way dan pareo ra ang eskeleytor pero beken agdan na inggagamit sa building na mabot kaw sa floor maliag mo pakunan.

Bata: Ay tay ang calculator ano dato?

Ag isip ang Tatay...

Tatay: Way doy pakimani ren lang imong Nanay tenged ako ara pa kasakay sa calculator!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

What is Ethics?

Professor: What is Ethics?

Juan: Ethics are cousin of ducks. What can you say Sir?

Professor: Very good. That Ethic will lay egg, and that egg will be your grade!

Walang Ligtas is Pedro

Kamatayan: Pedro kukunin na kita!

Pedro: Huwag na po muna ngayon, marami pa akong gagawin.

Kamatayan: Di pwede! Ikaw ang una sa listahan ko eh...

Pedro: Sandali lang, ipagtitimpla kita ng kape.

(Nilagyan ni Pedro ng pampatulog ang kape ni Kamatayan. Nang makatulog ito, binura niya ang pangalan niya sa unahan at inilagay sa hulihan.)

Kamatayan: Nakatulog ako nang mahimbing! Dahil mabait ka sa akin, sa hulihan na ako magsisimula.

Ang Lapu-lapu

ANAK: Nay, anuno ateng sera?

NANAY: Lapu-lapu Doy.

ANAK: Aden akabetang Nay?

NANAY: Dian sa lamesan, sagyapa lamang.

ANAK: Ara Nay!. Dia talbos y ang camote lamang. Aden ang lapu-lapu digue?

NANAY: Dan maman! Lapu-lapuan mo lamang y ang mainit na tubig.